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Qualifications for acceptance into our program:

  • If you have been to a Kolbe Prison Ministry Retreat and meet all other criteria, we will prioritize your application.

  • Must be released from a Texas State Prison or Harris County Jails

  • Must be a legal citizen of the United States of America

  • Must be a Christian, and attend services offered in your unit

  • Must have no record of sexual offenses or convictions

  • Must have no violation of protective order or restraining order

  • Must have no current record of gang or drug cartel membership, or affiliation

  • Must be employable and have proven work history inside and in the real world

  • Must have served three years (review of this requirement available upon request)

  • We do not accept inmates with major medical or mental needs or conditions

  • We do not accept SSI Disability or Social Security

Must be approved at least three months prior to discharge of parole.

If you meet all of the eligibility requirements above, fill out the application and mail or email it to us.

Christian New Creation

P.O. Box 11134

Houston, TX 77293

Email to:

Mail to:
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