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Christian New Creation's mission is to provide safe housing, mentoring, family reunification, and employment assistance to men released from the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) facilities, with the goal of giving them the opportunity to become productive citizens in a new, and much better, way of life.   


The vision of Isaiah/Providence Houses Organization is to be an effective transitional facility for men released from the Texas Prison system, and to be recognized by the TDCJ Parole Division, prison inmates, and the community at large, for our 2.95% recidivism rate.  We dedicate our actions to Christian values, and to promoting the best interests of our residents, in their journey towards becoming productive Christian citizens.

Image by Sven Mieke

A Poem of Hope

 By Shirley LaMartina

I started out with good
intentions in mind…
but I soon lost my way
and ended up doing time.

It’s the choices that echo
through my mind at night…
will I ever have the courage
to do what is right.

I said I wouldn’t do it
a thousand times before…
But here I go again
walking through that door.

I don’t have any hope,
I’ve never had a dream…
The silence is so loud
it silences my scream.

I remember the words
my Mother used to say…
“There is hope in Jesus
when you pray.”

I’m tired and I’m weary
from this guilt and despair…
I’m not welcome here
and I’m not wanted there.

I don’t want to live my life
then one day discover I’m old…
and have nothing left to give
and no one to hold.

Someone please help me
do more than just cope…
If I’m ever going to make it
I’ve got to have HOPE.

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