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Ways to Help

1. Donation Funds & Campaign Giving

2. In-Kind Donations and Items

3. Volunteer

4. Endowment Funds

Your tax-deductible donation or item can be mailed to:


Christian New Creation, Inc.

P.O. Box 11134

Houston, TX  77293

Back of a group of volunteers

Would you like to donate?


We are grateful to our community and all who choose to help our residents by donating to CNC!


Sponsor $100 - Basic needs for new resident

Sponsor $200 - Two weeks room and board

Sponsor $400 - One month room and board

Sponsor $500 - New resident basic needs and one month room and board

Double Your Donation
Many corporations match donations made by employees to a wide range of nonprofits, to support employee charitable giving, and to extend corporate philanthropy. Find out if your employer does       

Does your employer match your donation? Are you an employee or former employee of Chevron? Please consider donating through Chevron Humankind. Chevron will match your donation to multiply your gift to us.


Employment and Mentorship

If you would like to hire a resident to receive IRS tax credit, or if you are able to mentor a man as he transitions back into society, please use the contact form below to connect with us.

Thanks for submitting!

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